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{Blog} A Difficult Day

We all have them. The days where we wake up in the morning and we aren’t quite sure how we will be able to get through it. Where we know there is something we have to do that isn’t going to be fun, yet we have no choice but to put on our big girl pants and make it happen. Regardless of what the specifics are, it’s incredibly difficult to move through a day, knowing there is something we must face that isn’t pleasant. Even so, we can find ways to connect with the part of ourselves that is calm and at ease. At our inner core, we have a stillness that we can access, even when everything around us is in turmoil. When we can’t change the situation we are faced with, how can we find some comfort and acceptance within ourselves? During the most trying times in my life, I’ve found that getting quiet has been the most helpful thing I can do.

Think about it for a minute: When you have gone through tough life transitions, what helped you most? Did you want to be surrounded by people or did you naturally want to isolate yourself and take time to process your feelings? Meditation can be a great tool for going within and getting quiet. Sitting in solitude allows you to feel all the feelings, to hear all the thoughts, and to then let them move through you. Without taking the time to do this, we often stuff our emotions deep down inside of us to let them fester. Eventually they come out - and often they can end up consuming us. Also, knowing who in your life supports you - wholeheartedly - can be a life saver during difficult times. Just knowing that someone has your back and is there for you, even when they aren’t physically with you, can provide enough solace to get you through. Surrounding yourself with friends and family who understand the pain or the challenge can help to lift you up, or at least hold you up, when needed. Finally, remembering what matters most in your life can be incredibly important during these times. When you welcome in a sense of gratitude for the blessings you do have in your life, it can feel like everything else fades away. If you focus on, or at the very least, remind yourself of, the things that matter most, the other worries may begin to slowly fade off into the distance. They may begin to lose their power over you, as you reconnect with what truly matters. Are you having a difficult day? If so, try these practices and see if they help. 1. Get quiet. 2. Find support. 3. Remember what matters most. These practices may not provide you with a remedy to the challenges you face, but it can help to lessen the control it has over your life. You might just find that you have the ability to comfort yourself as you reconnect to your truth within. Share the practices that help you most when faced with a difficult day, in the comments below. P.S. Nicole Lovald’s blog is moving from the Spirit of the Lake website to over the coming months! Please subscribe to this page if you would like to continue to receive her blogs.

P.P.S. That doesn’t mean she’s leaving SOTL - she’s just wanting to ensure it goes to people who want to stay connected and read it:)

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