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Things I Wish I Knew At Your Age

I was asked a few years ago to write a letter to a very special young lady in my life with any advice I had for her as a gift.

I came across what I wrote to her and realized that the words I shared were not only things I wish someone would have shared with me at her age but are things that I still need to be reminded of today. I realized that much of what I wrote shared tenets of yoga philosophy and tips on how to live your yoga.

I’m sharing this with the hope that regardless of your age, some of these tips resonate with you and where you are on your journey in life.


Things I wish someone would have told me at your age:

1. You are loved. More than you know or can truly fathom. You are unique and special like none other and don’t let anyone ever let you feel less than. Your bright light shines from within and everyone who deserves to see it does and always will.

2. Don’t ever let anyone take your power away. YOU control your life and every decision you will ever make. No one else has the right or the authority to make decisions for you. Listen to your inner voice and your heart, you have the guidance within you, if you listen carefully.

3. Respect yourself. Don’t let anyone ever disrespect you, including yourself. Respect your body, your mind, and your spirit. Respect and know that you are worthy. Worthy of love, kindness, compassion, and full and total respect from all who you let into your life.

4. Choose your friends wisely. Your friends (including boyfriends) are your chosen family. Know that they are not all here to stay. Some will come into your life for a period of time and need to transition out. Some will stay forever. Don’t force anything that isn’t right; let things run their course and know when to let go.

5. Understand that alcohol, drugs, and driving can and does kill. Be smart. You will likely experiment with friends but understand that if you take it too far or if you put your faith in people you don’t know or trust you are in danger. Be careful, be smart, and know that I am always here for you.

6. Don’t have sex until you are know that you can emotionally handle the consequences. I’m not just talking about the risk of getting pregnant. People will break your heart and you shouldn’t give your heart to someone until you know that you are stronger and more confident in who you are and your value and self-worth than a relationship you give yourself to. Love your Self first and always before you love anyone else.

7. Know that you have the ability within you to do and be ANYTHING you set your mind to. You are already an amazing young lady, with a smile that lights up peoples lives, you are destined to have an extraordinary life. Never forget that. Know that life will have it’s ups and downs; you will face challenges, you will be heartbroken, you will be scared. But you will always persevere.

8. You are LOVED.

9. I am here for you.

10. You have everything you will ever want or need within you. Listen to your heart, respect yourself, and enjoy every moment. You deserve only the best. Live your life as if that is your truth.


Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are loved and supported. That we don’t need to look outside of ourselves for guidance. That we are amazing and can get through anything. That we are worthy of respect, love, and admiration. Never forget that you are all of that and so much more.

With Love,


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