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Sauca & Spring Cleaning

This is the time of year when you open a cluttered closet and you say, “That’s it. This stuff has got to go!” The Sauca bug gets under your skin and you cannot help yourself. Sauca, the first Niyama, or observance, is translated as ‘cleanliness or purity’. Simply put, it is the energy of renewal, organization and clarity. Put that energy into motion and you’ll finish one closet and start in on the junk drawe

r. It’s refreshing this energy. It sweeps in on a spring day and sparkles in the corner just waiting to seize you, not resting until there’s less of what you don’t need and clean, clear living spaces left to enjoy.

When we let this energy help us to cleanse our environment it is an outwardly manifestation of what is possible in our inner environment. We have the power to move through the old tapes, patterns and habits that no longer serve or make us happy. Just like an old sweater than no longer fits, you have the power to give away or toss anything that no longer captures the essence of who you are right now.

Sauca asks us to prioritize our life. We polish and cherish what is important. We toss out what is not. What do you regularly wish to continue cleaning and purifying? What thoughts are worth keeping? What habits and patterns?

Step on your mat this week with the intention of serving the energy of Sauca. It may be that you are more mindful of how and where you place your foundation. It may mean that you choose to create open and clear poses free of judgment or muddled thoughts. Sauca is your partner this week and she is determined to leave you clean and dare I say, sparkly?

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