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Private Classes
with Spirit of the Lake Teachers


Niki Scarpa Cohen


Melissa Gombola


Karen Murray

Individual Session: 

A private yoga class will be customized to meet your needs. Whether you are brand new to yoga, are healing from an injury, or are looking for take-home techniques to reduce tension and stress, this offering is right for you! Learn more about the therapeutic benefits of yoga for your body with an individualized class.

We offer individual classes in the studio, at your home (for an additional fee), or virtually via Zoom.


Group class:

Our teachers offer private classes for groups both in our studio and at locations outside of the studio (your home, park, office, etc.). We can customize the class to meet your individual needs. Some options include: 

  • Gentle yoga and stretching

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Hatha, flow, or yin

  • Yoga for kids, families, and teens

  • Classes for athletic groups

  • Lifestyle practices to support health and healing

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