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You are Worthy of the Greatest Love: Self-Love

Signing on to become a human is the toughest and most rewarding assignment you’ve ever been offered. When you took this job, you knew the difficulties involved. From your vantage point you asked for the big, deluxe package called: Live, Learn and Love – this is the one that included all possibilities. This meant that you’d get a chance to experience the full gamut of human potential. As such, you’ve done some amazing things and you’ve made mistakes, and done some really stupid things (this is the ‘Learn” part in the Live, Learn and Love package). Others around you signed up for this same gig and have done and are doing the same all around you. These hurts and mistakes both given and taken build up and separate you from accepting and receiving unconditional love that is your birthright.

We all get caught up in our anger, our disappointments with our self and with others. This is the heavy stuff and as such it weighs us down and begins to diminish our capacity for self-worth and yes, self-love. The truth is, you are worthy of this greatest love – self love. You are worthy of your own respect and honor.

If your Higher Self could shout loud enough for you to hear she’d likely say something like this:

“Yo, You, yes, You, the One taking a human journey: Lighten up. Of course you’ve made mistakes: that’s your job and everyone else’s, too. Now let me do my job. I’m the one that remembers the plan completely. You and I both signed it. And you initialed the part where it said, you’ll forget and have to be reminded by me. So, this is me reminding you. Remember compassion? This is when you remember how difficult the job is and give yourself a break. We both knew you’d eventually find yourself in this situation. It’s not a big surprise, here. It’s all part of the plan. You’re a human, with a body, and with a plan: To Live Fully. And we are now at the part where you wake up and unlock the door to where you’ve been holding back Love for yourself. Wake up now.

Anything you see in the next 3 seconds is truly a sign that this conversation is for REAL. (I knew you’d have doubts, so I thought I’d throw that in. Sorry, can’t ever find that darn smilely face thingy when I need one – just picture it at the end of that last sentence. Now, where was I?.... Oh, ya, I was about to get all dramatic, so cue up the spot light please…)

“Take responsibility for your mistakes, make amends and then completely For Give Yourself. Give it Up. Go green and stop burning so much energy on suffering. If you let go, I promise you gladness and freedom. Your suffering is no longer serving. Just let it go. Choose Compassion. Choose Forgiveness. Choose them for yourself and for others. Once you do you’ll flood your heart with the Love that has no bounds, no caveats, no conditions. Humans have conditional love. What you get from me is Unconditional Love. And honestly, girl, that’s what your life could use more of. So, get over yourself and open up. Stop assuming you are such a special case. Love is real. And it’s really for you. Hey, maybe you could put that on a t-shirt? No? Who says your highest self isn’t snarky? Alright, okay, I think I’m done for now.”

All I can say in closing is, ‘what she said.’

See you on the mat soon! ☺

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