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Niki Scarpa Cohen

Niki guides well-rounded classes that are light-hearted but meditative. They flow in a thoughtful manner and are designed to create balance, a feeling of calm energy and mindful presence. In her classes you will learn proper alignment of poses while you build strength, self-awareness, flexibility, focus, and the ability to relax. An experienced teacher with advanced training, Niki is registered with the yoga alliance as an E-RYT 500, and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider).

As a guide/coach Niki pulls from her training in yoga philosophy, energy medicine, Ayurveda, spiritual development, and her personal experience of living with trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction. With a bottomless well of empathy for her students, Niki holds compassionate and non-judgmental space for all whom she teaches and mentors. 

Outside of the studio Niki is passionate about finding balance with the natural world through native plant & pollinator gardening, long hikes, and daydreaming in the hammock on summer days. 


Practicing Since 2001 
Teaching Since 2011


"I cannot recommend Niki highly enough. She is a truly skilled and compassionate yoga teacher and Ayurvedic specialist. Niki has a deep knowledge of the physical body and how to make yoga accessible, healing and enjoyable for all bodies. She has a wise awareness of mental/emotional variables in our daily lives and how yoga can be of support. Niki’s classes offer a beautiful blend of strengthening, mindfulness and stretching." - BD

"Niki is a remarkable yoga teacher! She is full of wisdom. Each class sequence is thoughtfully designed & orchestrated, allowing all practitioners to feeling better, more at ease & in equilibrium with their mind, body & soul. I am grateful for Niki’s passion for yoga & wellness, for her compassion for humanity & for her awareness of individual needs. She’s truly fantastic & I highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a beautiful experience to practicing yoga." - MG

"Niki saw my two kiddos with special needs. Amazing yoga therapist! Kind, compassionate, and giving. I totally recommend her for anyone with any ability." - PH

"Niki's classes are always clear, calm, and she inspires so much confidence!" - TF

"I have taken class from Niki for years - She's fabulous!! I highly recommend you try her classes. She's very patient and is very mindful that her students are at varying levels. She also takes into consideration any physical issues you may be having on any given day." - VS

"Niki's classes are always fun, mindful, and just a bit challenging! More important, she always stresses the functionality of the poses, so you are stronger and can do more activities in real life. My skiing has improved tremendously thanks to a zillion chair poses! Thanks Niki!" -D

"Niki provides insightful, clear instructions which always include adjustment options. Therefore I can engage in her challenging poses with confidence and inclusion. Thanks to Niki's inspiring leadership I am able to maintain flexibility, strength, and positivity." -CM

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