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Nicole Lovald

Nicole Lovald is one of the co-owners of Spirit of the Lake Yoga and Wellness Center and is an associate marriage and family therapist, certified life coach, master reiki healer, and registered yoga teacher. As a natural healer all of her life, she has worked with a variety of populations (underserved kids, veterans, domestic violence and sexual assault victims and more) in various settings throughout her career. 


Working from the perspective that everyone has the tools to heal within them, Nicole guides her clients to uncover their hidden potential and ability to heal. Nicole incorporates mindfulness, breathwork, guided imagery and relaxation, energy healing, as well as mind-body medicine techniques into her practice, when and where it is appropriate for clients. 


Nicole works with all ages, from kids who may be struggling with anxiety or school pressures, to adults who are experiencing a life transition, grief, stress, or any other life challenge. She brings in a whole person (mind, body, and spirit) approach to working with her clients therapeutically.


When Nicole isn’t  working, you will likely find her at home playing with her kids, her dog, and relaxing with her husband. She loves to travel and hosts yoga retreats across the world (typically in a tropical location during our frigid Minnesota winter). 


Practicing Since 2005
Teaching Since 2012

Teaching Philosphy:

Nicole believes that everyone has the tools to heal within them and that yoga provides a direct path to uncover that hidden potential. Her teaching focuses on a mind-body-spiritual connection.



"Spirit of the Lake and, in particular Nicole Lovald, laid healing hands on me at a time when I needed her most. I was carefully and gently assessed and then eased into a yoga practice and a fellowship of kindness and energy at Spirit of the Lake. It has been one of the great gifts of my life both physically and spiritually. No matter how I feel before I get to SOL, I feel calm, affirmed and physically enhanced when I leave.” - Joyce

"Nicole's classes provide everything I need in yoga: I am able to tune in and be in the present moment, I feel calmer and more grounded when I leave, and she does a lovely job of creating classes that provide enough challenge and nurture strength and flexibility. Grateful for the sanctuary from the turmoil of daily life she creates!" - Brooke

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