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Matthew Tift

Matthew teaches yoga and meditation at Spirit of the Lake, prisons, schools, corporate settings, and elsewhere in the community. He hosts two podcasts: Hacking Culture, which explores practices and technologies that contribute to well-being, and a meditation podcast called Pretty Good Meditation. He completed his yoga teacher training at Spirit of the lake and he is currently in the advanced-level teacher training program at Kripalu, the largest center for yoga and holistic learning in North America. Matthew is a graduate of Minnetonka High School and has a PhD in musicology. His yoga classes are designed to empower people to realize their full potential through the physical postures of yoga, meditation, and music. Learn more at


Practicing Since 2012
Teaching Since 2020 

Teaching Philosphy:

More than just poses on a mat, I offer yoga practices intended to inspire compassion, connection, and joy. I believe yoga can provide the tools necessary for healing and growth. Present-moment awareness provides the foundation for mindfulness and yoga, and I encourage people to actively engage with the truth of their experiences. My classes are informed by ancient wisdom, scientific research, and my personal practice. Drawing on the teachings of Kripalu yoga, my classes provide opportunities for self-observation without judgement, whether engaging in rigorous physical postures, relaxing into restorative poses, or calming the mind with music.



"I'm always impressed with Matthew's thoughtful approach to important topics around mental health, burnout, and other things we don't talk about nearly enough in tech" —Angie Byron

"What I appreciate about Matthew is that he pairs an immense breadth and depth of academic knowledge regarding meditation along with sharing anecdotes from his own consistent personal practice. Matthew also has a knack for effectively distilling down information and delivering it in an unpretentious manner." —Elle H.

"Matthew is a gifted teacher whose guidance helps his students find their own 'brand' of meditation. Without Matthew's insight, I would never have discovered or explored music-supported meditation. Chanting a mantra while accompanied by Matthew playing his harmonium was an absolutely wonderful, opening experience. I look forward to future experiences!" —Karen H.

"Love Matthew's soothing voice. Highly recommend!" —Kayla A.

"Matthew's mediation classes were very helpful and low key. He has an excellent voice for leading meditations." —Larry H.

"The meditation group was great. I LOVED IT! Each type of meditation was interesting and I appreciated the broad information about meditation and the more specific information on the different types." —Margaret C.

"What really stirred me was the sense of community & belonging that Matthew so expertly facilitated & which the members of the group, including Matthew, elicited in me." —Molly L.

"Matthew's virtual Bedtime Yoga class has been a wonderful addition to my yoga practice! His calming class has helped me to intentionally separate the busy parts of my day from bedtime, which helps me let go, feel calmer and fall asleep easier." —Niki R.

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