Virtual Classes - What you need to know:

  1.  It’s easy! First sign up for your class as you normally would through Wellness Living or the Spirit of the Lake App. For classes that are becoming a "hybrid class" (combination of both in-studio and virtual) you'll see two classes listed. Please only register for the class in which you will "attend" (i.e. in-studio or virtual). 

  2. When registering for a virtual class, you’ll see a ‘read me’ or box with special instructions. This is one place you will find the URL link for your class - we have also linked them below. You can simply paste that into your browser and follow any additional instructions from ZOOM. *NEW* you will now be asked for a password to access the class. You will find that in your confirmation email after registering for the class.

  3. Use any device from your laptop to your phone, iPad, etc.  The larger the screen the better you’ll be able to see everyone.  On a phone is no problem but you’ll only be able to see the teacher and not the other students.

  4. Your virtual class will be open 15 minutes prior to start time.  Join in early and you can make adjustments to your camera as well as spend some time with your mat mates.

  5. Make sure you have everything you need for your practice including any props.  It is helpful to have a wall nearby for any wall work, balance work, etc. Optimally, you would have at least two feet around the edges of your mat.

  6. You have control.  You can mute yourself and you can take yourself off video at any time.

  7. Have fun! Share your feedback with us - we are in this "new normal" with you and want to learn what works well and what doesn't, from your perspective.

How to Access Virtual Classes:








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