Women Warriors Speaker Series 

Emerging from Darkness. An experiential workshop

Friday, May 4th 


Location: private residence in Minnetonka off Shady Oak Road



Nicole Lovald, Owner, Spirit of the Lake Yoga

Kelly Rose, Owner, Lakeshore Family Therapy

Nikki Vanecek, Owner, TCM Wellness and Acupuncture

What People Are Saying about Women Warriors...

"I attended the first, of hopefully many, Women Warrior speaking events at Spirit of the Lake Yoga & Wellness Center in Excelsior last night. While I was completely out of my comfort zone (which is part of why I went, to push myself), I am so happy I went. Such an amazing group of women. The vibe was one of strength, truth, openness, vulnerability, raw emotion, joy, laughter, inspiration, and empowerment. I couldn't be happier to be part of such a beautiful tribe."

"My take away from this event was knowing without a doubt, that I am not alone in the fears, emotions, and concerns I have; that I don't have to have all of my shit together to be the woman I want to be, I just need to be courageous enough to be that woman; I came away feeling inspired and empowered."