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Candlelight Restorative

Relax your mind, body and spirit in a serene, candlelit atmosphere. Restorative yoga poses use props like blankets, bolsters and straps to support your body comfortably as you rest in each blissful pose from 5 - 20 minutes. During your time in each pose you will have the opportunity to focus inward in order to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to aid in the reduction of stress and tension. Leave feeling relaxed and renewed.


*Prepare for this class by wearing cozy layers and socks!

Restorative & Nidra

In this class we will move at a slow and mindful pace into poses that are fully supported using blankets, blocks, bolsters, and other props; a perfect opportunity to rest in stillness and release the stresses of everyday life. Postures are held for several minutes allowing you time to drop with ease into a place of deep contentment. The final pose will include elements of Yoga Nidra offering you an opportunity for deep rest and rejuvenation. 

Note: This class is appropriate for all levels, including absolute beginners

*Prepare for this class by wearing cozy layers and socks! . 

Relax & Restore

Invite your body to relax and your mind to be less busy in this very gentle, grounding class. The session may include Mudras, Pranayam and Conscious Breathing practices, guided Meditation and Relaxation, Nidra, Self-Massage, Marma and Chakra (energy) points, Joint mobility and other tender practices to release toxins and stress. Supported poses using a variety of props will ease your body into deeper release and relaxation.

Rest + Relaxation = Restoration.

Therapeutic PhysioYoga

Physio Yoga combines movement and breathing practice, with guidance and modification to adjust for medical conditions, pain and disability, to provide an efficient person centered style of rehab and prevention.

Therapeutic movement combined with relaxation training can have an influence on our nervous system.  We now know that our brains remain changeable into adulthood.  A concept known as neuroplasticity.  This concept allows us to improve our movement abilities, improve resilience through a healthier nervous system and confidence in our bodies.

This type of “stress management tool” can aid in pain management, with lots of evidence around acute and chronic low back pain, along with hip knee and shoulder pain; can improve sleep, can help with depression and anxiety; and  improve balance, mobility and function. 

While yoga has lots of benefits, we all have individual needs and goals.  With Physio- Yoga you have the advantage of having a physical therapist leading you through any needed modifications or adjunct therapeutic suggestions.

Build strength and stability, while increasing confidence and sense of being grounded. Build subtle/energetic awareness while learning proper alignment of postures. This class balances a strong physical practice with mindful awareness, breath guidance, and meditation. Modifications will be given to accommodate most levels.

Morning Hatha
Get your day started off the best way possible with an early morning yoga class! Morning Hatha is a one-hour class that will fit perfectly into your busy schedule, while still providing a full spectrum yoga experience that you'll enjoy throughout your day. You will begin with a centering practice and then move, stretch, and strengthen through warm-ups, yoga asanas, pranayama, and guided relaxation. You'll not only be energized but also calmly focused for the day ahead.

Mindful Flow

Moving through class you will link dynamic movement and breath, steadying your mind into the present moment as you balance, stabilize, and lengthen your body. Connect to your own internal teacher, and your subtle body, as you build balance, strength, and flexibility. 

Mindful & Empowered Flow

With a fun, and playful, spirit this class will guide you to link movement with your breath as you explore shapes with your body while fully embracing dynamic movement and static holds. Leave feeling empowered and full of strength, in both body & mind.

This class is best suited for students with at least six months of regular yoga practice.

Gentle Flow

A slower paced practice featuring calming poses, deep stretching and breathing. Leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.


In yin yoga we gently stretch connective tissue by relaxing into passive postures that lengthen the body and free up your joints. You will learn to soften your muscles, and your breath, as you observe bodily sensations.


Yin yoga generally promotes flexibility in areas often perceived as nonmalleable, especially the hips, pelvis and lower spine.  A meditative and peaceful practice, yin yoga can help you notice and release tension.  It is detoxifying and a lovely counterpoint to any other physical activity you enjoy.

Yoga Asana
This class combines alignment, fun and a love of learning into a skillful approach to the practice of yoga. Experience a wealth of technique and inspiration to improve and expand your current practice. Can’t do a challenging pose yet? Learn to break things down into manageable ‘skill builders’ so you experience success. Build on every small success and discover more confidence and desire to see what else may be possible. You are amazing.


The first part of our practice will be ‘yin’-focused; this means that we will start with where the body is RIGHT NOW. After settling into our bodies with a meditative Yin Yoga sequence, we’ll start to move gently and at a leisurely pace into a relaxed, intuitive flow that will calm the mind, soothe the body, and restore your spirit. This pairing of Yin/Yang will bring your body and mind to a delightful state of balance and peace.


This class is best suited for student with at least six months of regular yoga practice.

Yoga for Strength 

Studies confirm that yoga can be just as effective as weight training for gaining strength and reducing fat. You don't have to be strong to perform the basic yoga poses in this class, but you can expect to build muscle, improve mobility, develop mind-body awareness, and increase muscle activation. This class might even just make your body feel happier.