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What students are saying about this program...

"This training far exceeded my expectations of yoga teacher training. Spending so much time on yoga philosophy and the mind-body connection really enhanced and deepened the education and experience of the physical postures. The faculty at Spirit of the Lake ensure that students weave yogic philosophy into their learning experience so that it becomes part of their existence when the program has concluded.  While the exposure and education of the physical aspects of yoga was excellent, it was learning how to live a yogic life which was a life-changing experience.

"This is a wonderful program for any yogi who wants to deepen their self-study and self-knowledge. You not only learn how to safely teach yoga asanas to others but you also learn so much about yourself. Nicole and her staff are wonderful guides on this journey!

"The training had a profound impact on my life. It went beyond my expectations. Learning how to live my yoga was an experience that I will never forget and Spirit of the Lake provided the perfect setting for the journey."

"I heartily recommend Spirit of the Lake Yoga Teacher Training.  The heart and soul of this studio is welcoming and readily evident.  Nicole and Marcy are not only well qualified but cultivate a safe and challenging environment to foster trust, encouragement, and readiness to teach.  They paved the way for us to connect and grow true bonds with our Sangha, our yoga family..  This experience has shifted my perceptions and changed me at a deeper level.  It has jettisoned me onto my path of speaking my truth and offering my own students health and wellness from their mats by "coming together and making whole."  

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Our nine-month 3-day per month (Friday-Sunday) immersion based program combines lecture, discussion, and experiential components. Yoga practices (asana, meditation, self-study), as well as coaching and mentoring, will be provided throughout the program. Students will be required to complete at-home practice and assignments in between weekend immersions.